Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Last night alex chatted me on facebook and i was so confused through out the whole conversation. He sounded like he cared but at the same time i felt like he wanted me to think he didn't. He told me all this stuff about how he lost my trust when i supposedly cheated on him and blah blah.  I swear he soo confusing when it comes to me, i feel like he still cares and i mean obviously he does because we were together for awhile and yeah. Ugh after that i was so sad like i couldn't fall asleep and i was with ezra on a video chat and we were talking about our love jk i dont even have on :/

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

september 18th.

for the record i did this whole blog thing just because tumblr isn't working on my school computer, because lower merion school district is shit. 
okay well i guess I'm supposed to like write out my feelings right? 

ugh the tragic life of a stupid teenage girl, thats really what this blog should be called. 
Julian, my boyfriend of three months..well actually my ex boyfriend..has been acting weird around me. 
Well not really around me since i never see his bitch ass. 
I broke up with him because i just wanna be single and mingle, just kidding. I love him. I actually do but i just don't think i can take the distance between us 
and then there's other stupid little reasons like...other hot boys are tryna holler..haha just kidding.